Anxiety about business growth

I am in a business academy that is stretching me in ways that are scary and uncomfortable, but which I know will be important for my growth as a practitioner and entrepreneur. On Saturday, I gave free consults (a totally new skill for me) to two potential clients and it was terrifying and exhausting! Fortunately, they’re both interested in learning more about working together, so I’ve just sat down to draft follow up emails, but I’m feeling overwhelmed by nervousness.

When I drop in, I feel a sense of fluttering and nausea in my stomach and my throat feels tight. There is pressure on my forehead and tension in my jaw. A vague soreness at the back of my neck and shoulders. I recognize all these sensations as being associated with a sense of uncertainty, anxiety, and a fear of making mistakes. My inner perfectionist wants to get everything just right, but in my heart I know there is no right/wrong way to do this. I want to run away from this task, but I know I need to just do it. As I breathe into these sensations and hold the intention of self-compassion, they start to reduce in intensity. I am setting the intention to hold myself in loving non-judgement as I take this leap into the unknown.

Shared on November 11, 2019 in Story.
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As I drop in, I feel an opening from my root to my head that I know as both tenderness and joy. An image of a smile arise with the words “This is exactly what the practice is.” Happy that Heart Fluency is supporting you.

Responded on November 13, 2019.