Art first, then business

I have worked throughout my adult life on freeing up my creative energy. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a lot of ideas and excitement for my creative visions, but I get stuck, weighed down, and down right scared of screwing up. My most recent way of dealing with fear and resistance is by doing little art projects that have nothing to do with my work or my big plans. I’ve found that doing projects like sewing a skirt, or crocheting a hat, or planting a bed of potato starts makes me feel good for sake of enjoying the present moment. It gets me out of worry mind, and lets me play at something. I think my inner child is frequently mad a me for ignoring her, and she throws a fit and won’t let me get things done. She’s pissed that I get so serious and tired and driven, without taking time enjoy life just as it is now. The more I tune into my heart, the more I feel joy and playfulness bubbling up in the face of my eagerness to succeed, and habitual pressure to move forward. Interestingly, when I take time to play and be creative in small ways, it loosens up my resistance to doing the big vision tasks. And I’m happier while doing it. Thanks for listening.

    Letting? your words drift to my heart space., I feel like my shoulders are opening up.. like spreading my wings in a sense. I experience a swirling energy in my solar plexus and I see a rainbow of colors spreading beyond my body outward from my heart.

    Creativity is the lifeblood of our what I get.. Glad you are finding ways to play!!


    Responded on April 3, 2019.

      Reading your post, I get a sense of roominess. ?An open space feeling in front of my eyes and chest. ?There is room for playfulness.. A memory comes up of the living room in our house when I was a little girl. ?I can remember my dad playing with us. ?Big windows, lots of light. ?Fun. ?I was aware that he was including the three children the way each of us would enjoy what we were doing. ?Receiving love, care, honor, attention. ?Body sensations are lightness in upper body and head, deep easy breaths, naturally being open.

      I have been wondering: ?What if I change my attitude about things I need to accomplish in life. ?What if it were fun, and I felt optimistic, like a child. ?Surges of energy, happiness and enthusiasm, ?jumping up and down feeling. ?Can I call opportunities to me from this space?

      Responded on April 5, 2019.

        As I Drop in I get an image and the sound of my sister listening intently to piano music. I feel an expansiveness throughout my belly that indicates feeling aligned and trust. The interpretation is that being intimate with yourself and listening to the messages is a trustworthy way of meeting life skillfully. I’m so happy for you.

        Responded on April 7, 2019.