Books Glorious Books

Once upon a time there was a little girl who fell in love with books.? Her nose was often in a book when her mother wanted her to be doing her chores or homework.? Novels mostly caught her attention.? As she grew up she attracted more and more books.? Books are heavy to move but she moved them every time she moved.? More and more baggage.? Then she realized a dream and had a dedicated library for her books.? Now her books have out grown her library and she still buys books.? Of course, a Kindle or some such is a great solution but that only works for novels, not books of real substance.? The reality of how many books she has and will never read again is setting in.? How does she get rid of so many books?? Is it possible to have a book addiction?? Even if she reads really, really fast she won’t be able to read all the books she wants to read and live a full life with other people.? She doesn’t really want to get rid of any books.? Maybe she’ll write a book:? Confessions of a Book-A-Holic

    Ah, as I drop in a Buddha like smile rests on my lips stifling a slight chuckle in my throat. Warm expanding empathy & understanding expands in my heart space. Warm flowing energy continues down into my arms & now tingling hands. I want to give you a big hug & share how I took pictures of so many books while I was putting them back into rotation for others to enjoy. With the pictures of them I can warmly recall where & why I chose to read each one.
    Relief fills my whole body as I am reminded I don?t have to move & store them all anymore.
    Confessions of a picture-a-holic????

    Responded on April 15, 2019.