Doing something about something

I was dropping into heart space and observing the movement and feel of there.  When someone spoke and I pulled out of it a bit,  I was aware of a subtle feeling that I needed to “Do something about something.”  and  the sort of malcontent feeling that went along with that sensation.  And after I was able to identify this feeling and said those words, a most unusual thing occurred…. I had big moving tears… this is VERY unusual for me. And some other movement occurred there that I cannot describe.  I realized that that feeling of “Needing to so something about something” is present probably just about all of the time!  I super hate that, and had not realized that was a thing.  It seems that maybe these things were connected… maybe not… whatever…  I am going to give that area more attention … it seems there is something to it!


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As I dropped into heart space with this I felt a familiar  sensation, one I have had often in my life. The feeling  of  powerlessness. As I opened and allowed this sensation I came to know the powerlessness is connected to thought not feeling. As I remained with it expansion opened further. A knowing came with the observance of the perception to bring more allowing, from this I centered into knowing all things in their own time, even a desire to something about something.

Responded on March 25, 2019.