Dropping In

Learning to “drop in”is like facing the usual push/pull of duality. The Mind wants to pick apart and analyze while the Heart is complete and knowing. By quieting the Mind and shifting attention away from thought to feeling my center, a peacefulness takes over.  In this space judgement is released and I get a glimpse of the big picture where “all  is as it should be”. Ego is the small i, Heart ( open) is the large I, that “I Am”.  The Ego will never be satisfied, will never “leave you alone”, and is the source of all conflict and dis-contentment. It is not your enemy, it has done a fantastic job of protecting you and keeping you alive. The challenge is learning to Love it into submission. This self Love is the open door to which a Heart centered perspective comes into view.

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Expansion. Warmth.  Neutrality. Peace. Openness to heart.  A good place to be. Good for you. Let’s do it often. Thank you.

Responded on March 18, 2019.