I find myself traversing in life what feels like the slender line – okay,? tightrope is probably a more accurate description of the sensation – between the perpetual personal desire or need for growth, and the accepting stance that recognizes that I am enough as is.? I sense a both/and rather than an either or reality.

How do you find ease – or enough ease -? on such a? journey?

    I drop into my heart and feel the tightness of the struggle to be more than, better, the continual striving of our conditioning.? As I hold space around that and soften, I see the world of possibilities that open when I accept? myself just as I am.? Walking my path with eyes wide open, but just letting the path open up before me, not trying to bushwhack my way through.? Just finding ease in every step.

    Responded on March 14, 2019.

      I agree with both/and. We are enough, yet like the universe we continue to expand. No judgment, just opening to the evolutionary impulsion,…..

      Responded on March 16, 2019.

        Sometimes it is effortless to know that all is well. Others, like today, I am feeling terribly stuck and that my path is just B.S.? I love the answer to just allow the path to open softly up in front of you. I see this at times, and it is the most lovely and loving of all the sensations and knowings.

        Responded on April 1, 2019.