As I’m rushing out of the market with my groceries to get home to cook a meal for me and my daughter with whom I want to spend some quality time, I pass by a father with 2 school aged children selling a street sheet. I ask myself how is it that I get to work and purchase food for myself and my child when he clearly does not. I feel my belly heating up in anger and my heart heavy in sadness. But just a drop of water on a hot stone, I stop to share some fruits and nuts with the children and a smile and exchange of words with the father. HIs kind receptivity lightened my heart.

      When I read this story, I drop into my heart and I feel some contraction – a mix of anger and shame at the reality of unfairness, injustice. I feel some shame of being one of the privileged ones. I also feel the connection of love underneath that, the thread of love that runs through me and you and this man on the street, through any human – how we are all connected by love. This feels soothing.

      Responded on October 30, 2019.