Grieving with an open heart

My beloved adopted Mama Susan passed in my arms following completion of my first Heart Fluency Training last December. The feelings of intense emptiness and heaviness ,in my heart space, have been overwhelming at times. Following 8 years of taking care of her, there is a void in our home without her resting or listening to music in the next room. My sadness can create a physical paralysis upon awakening, in the mornings ,when I realize she is no longer there for me to tend to. Then, there are days, just before I awake when she comes to me, sits or lies down next to me and talks as if we were watching a show together. She is no longer frail & weak but happy & full of Light. Those are the mornings when I awake feeling full of my inner joy again, I am light and feeling full of Light. Any sense of heaviness simply isn’t there. Those are the mornings I pray for when I go to sleep each night. Thank you for staying so close my Beloved Mama. 💗

Shared on March 16, 2019 in Story.
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Heaviness in my heart…and then fullness, a golden light filling my heart up. I am touched by how closely you contact the feelings surrounding the loss of your mother…such intimate dancing with life in grief and in love. I feel a sweet, smiling and tender gratitude that your mother stays close to you on those special mornings, that she can still light up your life.

Responded on March 17, 2019.