How do I hold the Oscars mistake without blame?

I watched the Oscars last night and I was really pulling for Moonlight. That movie touched my soul. When La La Land was announced as the winner, my heart sank. It felt like such a missed opportunity on so many levels. Then the surprise announcement that Moonlight had won. It was surreal. I noticed how I could not connect with a genuine sense of joy and celebration. Something more akin to emotional whiplash was present. The moment?had been lost. Nothing could change the fact that some kind of precious energy had evaporated never to be regained. In the face of this unalterable loss,?I notice my system on autopilot looking for the right party to blame. It is reflexive and exerts a powerful influence. How do I not succumb?

Shared on February 27, 2017 in Question.

    This is a marvelous opportunity to explore the energy of blame in your system. When you know it well, and embrace it, there is an opportunity for it to relax and heal- for you to grow and become freer. This issue will become a vehicle of transformation.

    First just Stop and bring the Oscars situation to mind. Connect with your sense of loss and the feeling of blame. Perhaps there ?is an image that comes to mind that helps to bring the feeling alive. Next Drop the situation into your heart, or simply Drop your attention to your heart space. Feel the alive direct energy of the blame and shock and loss. Is it heavy or light? Expansive or contractive? Is there vibration, pulsing, tension, stabbing or movement of any kind? Is there a color associated with the energy? Notice how you are honing in on the direct, alive elements of what is actually happening.

    Once you’ve connected with that energy, Ask for guidance sincerely and innocently. What happens? Does an image arise? Maybe an intuition or feeling, maybe a memory or even words? Does a new energy appear? Whatever happens, know that your intellect will automatically explore, support and articulate whatever emerges. Then all of your intelligence and power centers are aligned so that you are tapping your fullest potential.

    I did Stop, Drop & Ask recently with a very heavy, cold, tense, dark and uncomfortable energy that stems from a very old pattern. A light surrounded that dark, cold heaviness and it dissolved leaving an expansive free energy. A healing had happened, and if that tough energy comes back, I know the address of its release in my body. I can reflect back on that healing and cause that healing to happen again.

    So embrace this opportunity to free yourself of blame by exploring and transforming it with Stop, Drop & Ask. Your challenges become your vehicle of freedom and maturation. Cool. Good luck and thank you for this question!

    Responded on February 27, 2017.