How do I not drown in post US election fear?

I saw yesterday that Russia launched a medium range missile in defiance of treaties. They’ve deployed a spy ship off the east coast of the US. N Korea launched a missile a few days earlier. These acts seem to be coming in response to the new administration in the US. On top of these issues, there is all of the resistance and uncertainty in the US. So much energy is mobilized, and that could be a good thing, but it just all seems so dangerous. I find myself having fearful thoughts so much of the time, and I feel paralyzed. I’d like to be able to offer myself in a helpful and even healing way. How do I handle these waves of fear that I feel like I am drowning in?

Shared on February 15, 2017 in Question.
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Scary times for sure. I know that when I have waves of fear, my first step is to offer myself kindness and understanding. Something that needs to be held has been triggered. Can I meet it? Where is it? Do I feel it in my body as a contraction vibration? Curiosity. When I’ve found it, patience and being with it. Or asking for help with that – maybe here or from a friend or even a therapist. Hope this helps.

Responded on February 17, 2017.

Blessings to you for expressing what so many people are feeling these days. Here is what I offer my friends as a way of dealing with these uncertain times.

I truly trust in the wisdom of the Universe. Many ‘bad’ things have occurred throughout history and people have learned how to resolve the issues that arise when and as they happen. Do not anticipate what terrible things lie ahead. Deal with what is.

As a person of faith in the Great Mystery, Universe, All That Is or whatever you call the Creative Spirit of the Universe, I know that my energy contributes to the reality of this creation here and now. So I choose to not but into the FEAR but to create LOVE. I send love and PEACE into the world every day. That does not mean I do not act. This means I do my best not to feel fear in my body, mind or spirit.

I do not watch the TV, radio or media broadcast of the president or negative media that tout how terrible the world is. I listen to the news summaries enough to know what is happening in the world, where it is and what action needs to be taken. Then when I meditate or pray, I send love, peace, harmony and resolution to the government, soldiers, medical personnel, people in harm’s way  and all who need it. I send love to Russia, the Middle East, North Korea and wherever dissension and disharmony disrupt life.

I participate in signing letters, in local government action or resistance movements (see for groups) or write officials when I see action being taken I disagree with, but I do not take the energy into my life, argue with others and stir up the energy in my home, office or life field. I contribute to organizations I support that take positive action in the world for women, children and peace. I oppose nothing. I support a lot.

It is a challenge to keep peaceful in a world that is dedicated to turmoil but it is worthwhile. I am serene. My house is a center of calm. I meditate daily to remain centered and grounded. I am not a saint. Sometimes I get angry, frustrated and intolerant but I move back to love and compassion for that is the only place where we can resist the powers that want to generate fear and struggle.

Responded on February 21, 2017.

Neurologically, fear is a reaction to deliver our bodies a boost of energy so we can take action to protect ourselves from some danger. When you feel that fear around politics, ask yourself, “what is so dear to me that my body is mobilizing its resources to protect it?” Then put your attention on that preciousness. This shifts you awareness from focusing on what you are against to what you stand for. This focus on what we hold dear, on what we are for, calms our nervous system, helps our brain integrate, and enhances our resourcefulness. Hope arises and we feel less helpless.

Blessings. This are amazing and challenging times!

Responded on February 22, 2017.