How do we meet purely in presence?

Our society is so fixated with boxing everyone and everything into labels. Ie: name/location/occupation, etc. How do we meet simply in presence: heart to heart – without the need “to know?” Without the need to create titles and forms that stamp status onto people – which can often create judgment, even on the subtlest level.

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Good question. It’s tricky because our society is so conditioned to fill the mind with contents instead of sharing silent – yet heartfelt, engaging space. Silence is not supported in our culture. There’s automatically a need to fill it. Take the term “comfortable silence” for instance. It is something that is valued among certain genres in the spiritual world for example. But for the majority it creates contraction. Even more so when the meeting of the eyes between two is present in this silent exchange. Many cannot seem to look another in the eyes. What is that? Fear. And essentially the fear that our culture and society has engrained in us from day one when we were programmed. This is so evident in the mass media, “Do this, or you will have to deal with this,” “You have this problem. This will fix it,” and “If you don’t get this, this will happen,” etc. Our parents from the youngest age taught us “this is ok” and “this is not.” And “if you don’t follow this rule, this is what will happen.” Etc.

Responded on May 3, 2017.