How do we surrender to the natural flow of life as the grace that is being gifted, rather than engage in hard-wired patterns of resistance?

Often times our resistance to what is, that is being reflected to us, is an aspect of our shadow self that needs to be worked on. Sometimes life is showing us that instead of holding on so tight to outcomes/the action we’ve taken, we must take what comes as a blessing and let go of our idea of what should happen. How do we do this more gracefully? How do we surrender? Because most often, when we surrender, the magic unfolds. And it’s only when we choose to let go, that this amazing source can come through. So how does the letting go/surrender happen more gracefully within us, so that our hard-wired resistance may lessen more and more?

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Well this is good medicine for me at this time. Thanks for this awesome reminder. And that’s just it. Remembering. And feeling. Oh – I’ve gotten caught up again. C’est la vie. We also have to be willing to simply be with what gets triggered and explore it for its messages and gifts. Again and again. That’s how life works. One expectation at a time until we learn to fully let go and we are just amazed. Thank you…

Responded on February 17, 2017.

I have been working on this theme for a while. Basically attempting to diminish the amount of struggle and discover a way to receive the incoming gift of life. My reactive nature is so ingrained as you point out, “our resistance”, that my first impulse as events occur is to evaluate, does this meet my expectations? Is there some type of response that is necessary for me to, “win”, get it right or attain some personal benefit. I mean I actually care enough to want to be meaningful as a human being. As far as meeting reality with respect and being open enough to allow it to wash through me. And hold space for appreciation,, that by being here, I might offer what I have, the gift of being aware right back to this creative intelligence. Kind of a mutual appreciation loop. I contemplate that by adopting a way of holding myself in the present that I might be able to eliminate the effort involved with cause and effect, sin and redemption, basically the affliction of identifying with duality, instead of just resting in a unified field. I’m not sayin that I got this down pat. But this is the direction I point myself towards

Responded on February 19, 2017.

I don’t remember who said “What you resist, persists.” That thought certainly stopped me in my tracks.

First, I take a look at my resistance. What am I resisting? Why? Generally my ego is trying to get something it thinks it wants or needs. A little power trip, a defense mechanism, a protection device, an ego booster than says I’m better than someone else. So what is it than I need? Safety, security, love, nurturing or serenity? How can I get it with out the struggle or opposition?

Then I look at how the struggle feeds my need to avoid looking at what I am not seeing in myself. How am I not meeting my need to love myself, nurture myself, provide my own sense of inner security and trust in the Universe. Where am I  struggle with myself? When I can sit down and find that still point within and ease the struggle within myself, the struggle with others dissolves.

When I got into conflict with others at work I found I was defending territory, being defensive my performance, comparing myself to others or others were comparing themselves to me, fighting for job promotions etc. When I accepted that I did my best, the job would be assigned to whoever the boss selected and I left it up to the Universe, the struggle ceased. And my energy was freed to devote to where it was needed.

When struggle arises now, I look at where it comes from and what it is telling me about myself. I hold it in love and compassion until I find the love for myself to understand the issue and it transforms. Hope this helps.

Responded on February 21, 2017.

One of my favorite sutras of Patanjali’s, Yoga Sutras; translates to “ Whatever arise in your attention is for your liberation and enjoyment!” Sometimes the only difficulty in resistance is the judgements we have in experiencing it fully. Heart Fluency provides us a non judgmental option for experiencing things as they arise, without expectations. I often wonder if the world as it is requires outcomes or expectations, or could it just be our modern complexity has us cornered in striving and seeking things. My heart is full of compassion for All as we take each moment as an opportunity to inquire deeper and respond with authentic care for Life and it’s expressions.

Responded on April 1, 2019.