How do you deal with passive-aggressive behaviour from a neighbour, who use to be a friend, until recently?

It is a rather tense situation and very fresh. We have history together.? And there seems to be a lot of charge and fire coming at me. I am not pouring fuel on the fire – rather, just centred in my truth – which seems to be taking the form of being rather calm. Which I think is angering him even more. He seems to have a lot of anger in him in general and cannot seem to fathom any other point of view except his own. And if one has a different point of view than his, they are deemed wrong and they too receive his fire in some form. What to do?

    Keep your distance and don’t feed it. Meet him with empathy, love and compassion every time. The fire then has no momentum if there’s only one side feeding it. It will go out. Eventually. Perhaps that will reflect his own behaviour to him more clearly, because it is not being enabled by the other (you). It takes great patience and humility to do this work. All the best!

    Responded on May 3, 2017.