How to stay in the Heart of Hearts while doing Mental Gymnastics?

This question came up for me in yesterday’s session “How to stay in the Heart of Hearts while doing Mental Gymnastics?”¬† — the insight following the question was a sensation throughout my being of “holding still” in order to listen.

Shared on November 6, 2019 in Question.
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My sense is that the stillness is always there. It just doesn’t ask for attention. But it waits quietly.

When I relax rather than try to quiet the mental gymnastics, then the heart and mind are both be present. But it  often takes me a while to feel into this. But it feels real, heartful, spacious.

Responded on November 11, 2019.

As I drop in I feel a bubbling in my heart space. I then notice it’s also happening in my head. It has an unpleasant jittery, unrestful quality to it. I allow my attention to expand to the space around it all which is still. There is an interest in the stillness and when I check back in with the bubbling sensations in my heart and head, they have diminished. I feel clear and fresh.

Responded on November 13, 2019.