Making Firends with Technoogy

    Ahhh, the forum of AskLove… journey around mastering what is getting in my way of accessing the site and all its yumminess.? Breath, troubles getting?? ?Hmmm, I ask myself where am I having troubles getting in…inside?? ? Hmmm?? ?Frustration with the navigation?? ?Where I am just frustrated in general.? ? The last week of power outages, the first week of starting something new – Heart Fluency.? ?The need, the want to show up fully and present and the duality of technology getting in my way.? ?Technology is only energy.? Navigating my energy around this one, the big SHOULD comes to my mind.? ?This should be easy:).? I should be able to figure it out.? What then am I doing wrong?? The spiraling path of insecurity and self-worth.? ?Ahhh, so familiar.? ?I laugh as I write this because of how many times have I gone down this road in my life.? How many times have I felt not enough or like I am doing something wrong .? How many?? ?Ohhh so many!!!!? ?I recognize these patterns and realize everything is perfect in their own perfect times.? ?relax, have fun…this is fun….. all part of life’s adventure.? I know these moments don’t define who I am and yet the human experience has the divine wisdom to give me opportunities to venture into these territories one again……. All is love and everything is beautiful!!!!