Notre Dame

As I was driving up the hill I heard the news on the radio.? Notre Dame Cathedral is burning and the spire has fallen.? My heart was touched and tears came to my eyes.? It has been many years since I stood looking at that glorious, historic cathedral.? I feel deep sadness and sorrow.? The fire is still burning into the Paris night.? I pray that no one is injured and that priceless artworks are saved. ? My heart is open to healing and compassion for the people of France and beyond. ? I am beyond further words….

    Being in the New York area during 9/11, this is bringing it all back. I feel trembling coldness from my head to my toes, and my stomach is in a knot. As I stop and pause, the knot in my stomach feels asnif it is growing. I had just eaten my lunch, and I am now feeling nauseaus. ?As In try to drop into my heart, I initially sense a gasping in my breath. I continue to breath. I can feel the knot in my stomach constricting. Right now I am just with the fear…

    Responded on April 15, 2019.

      When I heard of this and saw the images two days ago my heart felt as if it was cracking open and a deep heaviness was settling in that space while hot hot tears roll down my cheeks. I am reminded of the impermanence of everything. The memory of being there with Mama & dining in a cafe ,overlooking the Cathedral ,comes flooding back. I can taste the most exquisitely delightful Escargot drowning in warm & juicy garlic butter sauce. My stomach feels light & flashes of how joyful that whole trip to Paris was causes me to feel a pulsing light and grateful for having had the opportunity to savor the City of Love as we did.

      Responded on April 19, 2019.