Pulled in Many Directions

I feel pulled in many directions.  My friend of 25 years is lying in the hospital slowly dying at 63 years old.  Her daughter is like my daughter.  My son and daughter in law just had a baby after a long long labor and C-section.  Not much sleep while helping these people. My mom is 91 and I care for her.  My daughter sprained her ankle and can’t walk without crutches. She has a horrible migraine and wants distance healing.  My other daughter is not very happy.  I need a place to live, and to focus on my work.  Today my husband is hosting a meeting about Cohousing and I would like to be supportive.  Haha.  Just thinking about if from a heart source perspective gives me a lighter feeling.

I feel anxious, tired, overwhelmed – tension in my head neck shoulders.  Pressure in my head. Sinking feeling. Irritable.  Using irritation for strength and boundary.

Drop to the heart – deeper breath, expansion, less tension, neck tension releasing. Sense of beauty, smell of roses, image of a garden, tears of joyfulness.  Compassion for myself.  Feeling moved and tearful.

Open – Let go, allow, be a channel, be present wherever I am.  Image of floating on calm ocean, blue water, sunshine, calm sensation, gratitude as everything falls into place.  Optimism.  Giving and receiving.  Of course my needs are met.  A bit of detachment, watching things unfold. Sensations – head and neck unwinding, releasing more tension.  Deep sigh.  Just ride the waves of life.  When its too much drop into the heart.  ;^)





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Beautiful. You got it! And we are here for you as well. Thank you.

Responded on March 24, 2019.

Expansiveness of heart, warmth and energy expanding with breath and exhaling brings calm to my being.  Precious lives intertwined in caring and support.  Life’s divine mixture of joy and sadness supported by compassion.  My heart sees an aura of love and light around all, a surround atmosphere of peace, serenity and healing.

Responded on March 24, 2019.