Upon reflection of our time together I experience a fluttering & expanding excitement in my heart space. Meeting each week was a such a delight for my Spiritual journey. Expanding warmth radiates across my shoulders and chest  as I recall how genuinely sublime it was to “get to really see” people learn how to stop, drop & open. What an incredible community of open hearted individuals.  I hope we will continue to convene here in AskLove to continue our journey together.  What can I do, as an associate teacher, to help encourage you wonderful people to continue  to use the AskLove platform so we can continue to experience our community & expand our individual practices?

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As I sit with the memory of our group, I experience a cool gentle breeze and expansiveness.  I continue to breath into this, and notice some contraction beginning in my stomach rippling out from there, and I wonder where every one is and how they are doing? I experience some fear of being vulnerable here, as I wonder why no one responded to my previous query here on AskLove and email inquiring on desire to set up practice meetings? I appreciate your caring post to help facilitate sharing here on AskLove.  I think right now it may be helpful for associate teachers to do so?  The fear has now dissipated, and I am left with curiosity. Thank you.

Responded on April 30, 2019.