So Many Possibilities

There are so many possibilities and exciting elements opening up right now. I’m loving what’s emerging, but it’s just so much. I feel such a sense of tenderness and wanting to care for this fledgling that is Heart Fluency, but it is so easy not to honor the needs of my own energy reserves and get out of balance. How can I balance the many beautiful calling to me?

    My heart expands and contracts, letting in the infinite, weightlessness of opportunities.? Realities make my heart heavy and cold sometimes.? I see a giant clam with its wavy shell opening and closing as the water full of food, small animals moves by with the current.? When to open the shell and when to close it to the current?? A sixth or seventh sense of knowing when to shift the dynamic.? The opportunities are always floating by on the current….when the shell is open to receive them they are received….when the shell is closed to integrate they are released.

    Responded on March 24, 2019.

      One aspect of grief is the resistance to enter into the deep river of soul. This can be loss of dream or not fully actualizing a dream, a fledgling just born dream, living in expectation of desire of outcome for the highest good of all.

      Dropping in the cool sensation of desiring outcome,? the warm expansion is in the nurturing of the dream, in trust and letting go…..allowing the time of all things the time of all things. Compassion for self and self care in acknowledgement of boundaries to love and support self and the flow of the new dreams, as if leading from behind. All that is needed by this participant in the participatory universe shall be provided.

      Responded on April 1, 2019.