Success in Stop

I have had the experience just listening to others to vent, and wishing in the end that they would maybe have some kind of turn around, and reflect within themselves. Since beginning this Heart Fluency Training, I have held the process of dropping into ones heart in the forefront of my consciousness. The other evening, my husband began venting to me about a situation. Often as it was this evening, he was sure he was right and something needed to be done. I listened, and yet did not see the situation as he did. I thought I could keep on listening, but knew he would want some resolve in the end. Or I could engage in the conversation, and let him know I thought otherwise. I actually spontaneously decided to experiment! All I did was gently, while looking at him, with kind eyes, ask him to Stop. He looked at me and stopped….! Wow…., I was so thrilled and a bit nervous to proceed in the process any further this first time, so it just ended. I stopped too. It appeared to me as if it initiated a reflection and he could see he hadn’t been in his heart. He was leaving the next morning on a trip so we haven’t yet discussed what occurred when I asked him to Stop. I just wanted to share though that I was thrilled, and regardless of where he went in his head, I feel it was a better place than before. Yay!

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