Noticing that so much of my heart space feelings are nuanced of survival fear. This noticed recently, after much going into the feeling space after the similar feeling arises from SO many different areas and what I thought were quite a variety of origins. I want to beat it down as it seems to surge forth from everywhere. Is this common for any of you?

      As I drop in I feel the fear as a constriction of the heart, of the breath, of the gut. It is present in the consciousness of the planet. Breathing deeply,, I open to freedom from fear, to letting go of anything that is not loving kindness. I love my humanness, my fear, my constriction and feel it wane into nothingness.

      Responded on April 8, 2019.

        Yes, I have this almost constant anxiety. It’s a big job when it crops up everywhere like that. I understand the overwhelm. Dropping in after reading your share…I feel a heaviness in my chest, which I know as sadness, and a tighter, more acute pain in the upper center of my heart, pain and fear that come from not being accepted. I feel a similar desire to be rid of these feelings because of how constant they are; they really weigh me down in life…and yet another part of me feels hurt by that response, wants care and acceptance and love no matter what I feel. So I hold both…I hold the part that wants to be free to be the fullest me without the fear, because boy is it understandable to want that. And I hold the part that’s afraid.

        Responded on April 11, 2019.