the shine


I’ve been noticing s I look at the things that I truly, deeply love such as:  water, snow capped peaks, sunrise and other natural things. (The things that don’t give any trouble)

The burst of light feeling that rays directly from my heart space up in two arcs toward my head and out. This is the sensation I have been noticing. It seem to originate in the heart space.

When I have a thought, which are so often generating a negative feeling, these start in my head and aim down to my heart space.

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As I read this my heart feels instant expansion and a brilliant glowing infuses my body. My shoulders feel as if the weight has been dropped.

I feel this to be a natural flow / feedback loop between the heart and the thoughts!

Responded on April 3, 2019.

As I Drop in I get a sense of flowing energy in my heart space with vibrations that feel like bubbles. This is joy. Yum.

Responded on April 7, 2019.