Urgency for AskLove re. New Zealand Expansion of US Malady

The New Zealand shooting seems like a clear example that the malady of US mass gun violence is spreading. I often feel such an urgency for AskLove to really take off so that its healing influence can help soften our world and start to reduce these incidents. Is this just grandiose thinking? How can I hold that sense of urgency in a balanced way?

    Initially, when I think of the sorrow that massacre has caused my throat tightens and hot tears sting my eyes. A heaviness weighs on my heart when I think of how commonplace these shootings have become & the heaviness constricts when it seems as if people are becoming conditioned to hearing about them. The dialogue to address the hate monger if & mental illness behind these acts of violence is difficult and yet , necessary. For it is through raising our common awareness through dialogue we can work to collectively take action. This forum and others like it are absolutely necessary . So, keep the vision, keep talking about it & then I feel glimmers if light/Hope peeking in my forehead & heart chakras. I remember there is more love in the World than fear and I AM a source of that Love. My throat relaxes and warmth spreads across my shoulders. ???????????????????????

    Responded on March 23, 2019.

    Thank You Sara. I feel lighter.

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      I notice I want to answer your question with my head – an intellectual answer. ?Then I feel your pain, your longing, your distress, your hope, your desire. ?It feels like reaching out from the heart, wanting to heal a wound. ?Very poignant. ?Stop.

      Drop into heart – Awakening, remember, expansion, warmth, energy at core, reaching out and touching all, compassion for the experience of separateness and needing things to change, seeing them as wrong. ?Spiraling energy coming up my legs. Legs feel large, like a very tall being.

      Sense of being left alone with a huge task. Sense of overwhelm, but how does that feel in the body? Stuck, lack of energetic motion, not being able to move. Stop.

      Drop again to heart – Anxiety, beating heart, uncomfortable, can’t drop to heart. Too much attachment. Can’t see it differently…. Feeling of energy flow in figure 8, infinity pattern. ?Willing to have a new experience. I am not required to know the answer or change the world. ?Flow, ease, infinity pattern, body swaying. Like a tree in the wind. ?Grounded. Primordial. ?Connected to space, universe, stars, galaxies. Deep breath, ease. Less tension. Unity. ?We are one. ?If my heart gets it, all hearts get it. ?Compassion for part of me that wants to change things. ?Love.

      Fear, anxiety, wanting to judge myself and others for not getting it. ?Not being big enough to hold a new perspective. Stop/

      Drop to heart -Bursting, bubbling, allowing, sense of being gone, formless, stillness, no inner conflict, ?Not driven by fear. ?Deep inner relaxing. ?More than ever. Its not my job. ?Freedom, Flying, Soaring. Perfect timing for world to transform. Like Spring bursting up through Winter decay.

      Responded on March 25, 2019.