I’ve been sitting with the fact that I haven’t posted yet, or commented. Partially a factor of time management skills and having packed days, and yet I could have made it a priority if I’d wanted to. See, what’s underneath this lack of participation is a fear of being vulnerable. I have a lot going on internally right now, working with finally facing heartbreaks, rejections, failures, my habit of giving up on myself to meet others…I never knew how to deal with them before, so would always push the feelings to the side and plow onward.  Now I am learning to feel through them, learning new skills both to cope as well as to thrive, and to reclaim my life, as I’ve reached a point where there is no other way. I am also learning that I cannot get through this without shifting from independence to interdependence, which is part of why I am doing heart fluency, and studying non-violent communication with a group of folks. It is so vulnerable! As I write, that core part of me that is almost always joyful smiles with care and encouragement at the discomfort that arises around being vulnerable. So here I am, sharing, staying connected. The red string around my wrist has been an anchor for me in this process…a reminder of how my intention to live interdependently in community is already manifesting 🙂

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somewhat contracting to start, ending with expansion.  From fear to taking a dive. Feels good. Good for you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Takes courage. Feels good to be part of a group supporting vulnerability.

Responded on March 15, 2019.

appreciation  for your willingness to be open


on March 16, 2019.

@AnnieBerreman and @ridgelovelady thank you for your reflections <3

on March 17, 2019.
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