Worldly Expectations.

After years of inquiry, time devoted to self-understanding, and meditation practice, I met my wife and children soon followed. We have two beautiful, healthy kids and I never really saw it coming nor made progeny a priority. Life clearly has it’s own course! The deliciousness of inward movement had taken a strong precedent for me and now the love for my family has me questioning the necessity of the “daily grind” of living the modern life. Are the systems in place on Earth healthy ones? Or are we choiceless in how we must operate in order to get the bills payed? The contrast between inward understanding and outer expectations has me in a quandary. How do we participate in sick systems without being implicated in them or becoming a byproduct of them? 

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I feel heaviness in my shoulders and pressure that moves from there onto my back.  A true burden. A constriction across the heart space.

And then the thought of the joy of the family and the inward practices I feel free and joy filled. It is the judgement that I recognise as the burden. When I feel into providing I feel strength and healthy vitality. When I feel into the judgement and focus of the sick systems I feel weak and burdened and ineffectual. So at the point I would suggest a focus of the “JOB” for a paycheck to be reframed as Joy Of Being. There we are free, living in that personal State of Joy.