Your life belongs to the commons

It is very refreshing and heart expanding to read this Michael Stone’s poem.

It is true that our suffering starts from this ?belief that “My life belongs to ME, therefore, I need to fulfill all my desires in MY life”

Michael Stone’s poem reminds me that my life belongs to the whole and it encourages me to stay in?a place of ease, flow and mutuality?rather than a place of fear, control and separation.


Why can?t I change my life?

Because you think it?s your life!
Your life belongs to the commons?
What you do to the commons you do to yourself,
And what you do to yourself you do to the commons.

Original sin is a story designed to make you
obey, shop and stay in fear. When we don?t allow
ourselves to explore our grief ? we shut down our natural
immune system, our intuition, instinct, and cellular wisdom.

We lose any sense of belonging, becoming
environmental orphans with no connection to the elements,
ancestors, hidden folk, and the spirits of the invisible realms. We lose
the magic of creating life, moment to moment and die a little bit each day.

Traffic in the miraculous, bring
wonder, awe and curiosity into your life.
Imagine a brilliant future for all and live it now.
Remember what you were born for and share it with the world.
In this way we live a little more each day!

Michael Stone

    Wow!! How inspiring! This is so true. When we are separate, there is something to protect – Me. The star of my own movie. We expend so much effort on that starring role. How was I? How am I? How will I be? We think and plan and scheme and strategize. We’re going to get it just right. If only. If only…

    Then we wake up and find our life has passed us by while we were planning. So great to have a reminder to drop out of our heads, out of our separateness, and enjoy the dance that we are. Thank you for this inspiring post!

    Responded on February 4, 2017.

      Yes yes yes.

      Every act, thought and action is streaming through us from the Whole, and returns to the whole. We are just seeming vessels to stream this seeming grace. So why are we taking this life so seriously? Where is our sense of humour? Our sense of lightness? Why do we invest so much of ourselves in what we do, knowing that this existence is like holding grains of sand in our hands, only to fall through our fingers? So in the mean time – why not celebrate and share our gifts with the world in a simple, balance, easeful, harmonious way?! For this life is just a blink, and we are mere specs flowing through a massive universe. Let go. Be open. And trust the Whole.

      Love & peace to all.

      Responded on February 5, 2017.